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Recommended Aftercare


Keep absorbent wrap on for up to 24 hours to allow it to finish seeping.


Remove the wrap and clean well in the shower with unscented soap and hands. Do not use a cloth until all thick plasma is off and it’s smooth.


Pat dry with clean paper towel and air dry for a couple minutes keeping it from touching anything then apply Saniderm over the tattoo leaving a near 2 inch border all around. 


Saniderm stays on 5-7 days, avoid sun while healing and avoid submerging it in water. Showers are ok during this period. 


Remove Saniderm earlier if:

- it continues to seep significant amounts (small amounts of seepage are ok) 

- you are sweating excessively in that area

- you have any sort of rash being caused by the adhesive (rare). 


Remove gently in a warm shower after 5-7 days. Most of the outer layer of skin will have already peeled like a sunburn and will be stuck to the Saniderm. There will be a little more flaking left and it will be at the dry shiny stage. It’s important to moisturize it regularly, 3 times a day if possible to allow it to finish its healing process.

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